Magnet for love

Wodomi made a donation to a charity organization "Magnet za ljubav" (magnet for love). They have send us T-shirts as a sign of appreciation :) We got T-shirts as a sign of appreciation :)
By Dejan Aleksic

Working with email templates

Working with email templates is not easy as it looks on designed template (usualy it's just one page). In few paragraph I will try to describe what i so hard about coding email templates, so here are...
By Jovan Aleksic

Drupal Dev Days, Milan 2016

Between June 22nd and 26th, we were in Milan, Italy, one of the global capitals of fashion and design. But we didn't there to see some of famous fashion shows. We've visited a nice Bicocca University...
By Ratomir Vasiljevic

Wodomi anniversary

One year ago Rale and Deki decided to quit their well paid jobs and do something they were thinking about for some time already. Eager to do something more in their lives they decided to start a compa...
By Dejan Aleksic

CowCon 15

After nine months of cooperation, we decided to visit Coworks company in Brugge and meet people there. We met guys in Gent, where we went out to introduce each other... Day later, we arrived in Brugge...
By Dejan Aleksic

Drupal Camp Vienna 2015

We were on Drupal Camp in Vienna 27. - 29.11.2015. DrupalCamp Vienna 2015 was one of the largest DrupalCamps in Europe. It gathered over 400 people from all over the world. This amazing two-day event...
By Dejan Aleksic